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Grace and Dotty

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@graceanddotty • Last Updated 22nd Apr


@graceanddotty • Last Updated 22nd Apr

About Company

Grace and Dotty is an aspirational Country Clothing brand based in the beautiful Vale of Belvoir, England.

Specialising in Tweed outerwear and certified Faux-Fur, we design, develop and produce our products in our own UK based production unit.

Best known for our range of Capes/Poncho’s. We offer a number of different styles of Cape in a number of different fit options, from our Short Cape for ladies with a more petite frame, to our Curvy Cape, for those of us blessed with Curves. Our Capes are frequently complimented by our range of Fedora Hats with individual handmade feathers.

The Grace and Dotty range also features, Tweed and Faux-Fur Headbands, Boot and Handbag Tassels, Mens Waistcoats, Country Caps and Faux-Fur Stoles. Our Faux-Fur is certified Faux, we don’t like hidden surprises and our Tweed is 100% wool. Whenever possible we use Tweed designs which are developed for ourselves, and are totally unique to the brand, however some of our Tweeds are stock lines from our UK manufacturer.

The inspiration for the brand comes from Grace, the founders daughter, and her wonderful black Labrador, Dotty. Grace and Dotty are country girls, they love nothing more than spending time walking in the wonderful countryside around us, usually finishing up at a local country pub, for a well earned glass of wine, and a refreshing bowl of water for Dotty. They embrace the countryside to its full extent, and are often seen out and about with Errol, our other dog, a cheeky chocolate Labrador.

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