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Discover JulieMay Lingerie

October 27, 2023

What are we looking for?

Our aim here at JulieMay is to ensure everyone can find something that works for them in style and comfort. We provide beautiful and supportive lingerie for people who suffer from skin allergies such as eczema, hives, latexet by using Organic Pima cotton and the finest silk to soothe irritated skin while ensuring everything we do is sustainable, fair trade and of the highest standard to protect our planet and the people we work with.

We are looking for women who have a mid-life fashion/ health following, work with ethical or sustainable slow fashion and women working on destigmatization of skin diseases, menopause and beauty standards. Our demographic is mid-life, menopausal women or women with skin conditions.

We’d love to send you across some of your favourite JulieMay items in return for some content we could share on our socials after you have shared with your own audience through your feed. This could be in the form of a try on, a reel, imagery, flatlays, something that you feel confidant is bringing your personality through, is authentic and truthful!

Please check out our lovely line and range of styles here: and read a little more about how we make our organic garments here:


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