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Promote our organic jars of spices

November 29, 2023

What are we looking for?

I’m looking for influencers who are happy to receive my products and demo them.

Where we differ is:

1) we have a jar design that helps with your cooking and flavour pairing – this is what we want you to promote and;

2) we are organic

Our jar design as per the images has Use Me (how to use it, i.e. fry, boil, marinade, garnish, sweet baking, etc), Pair Me (5 ingredients that it go well with), and About Me (spider graph which shows the flavour profile)

3) We have a qr code on our jar for also giving recipes (and possibly more in the future)

4) We have some rare fun spices alongside your standard ones such as banana and pomegranate powder

We’re happy to offer a unique discount code to your audience to earn commission on sales


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