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January 23, 2024

What are we looking for?

About the brand:

The Earthy combines Asian superfoods with British oats to create nourishing on the go breakfasts to enable  busy people to power through their day

About the product:

Premium Matcha Powder: Vibrant Wellness in Every Spoonful

Matcha, a vibrant green Japanese tea, comes from handpicked leaves, shade-grown to enrich the flavour, then air dried and stone-ground into an ultra-fine powder.

Discover the rejuvenating power of our Premium Matcha Powder, crafted for both wellness enthusiasts and culinary creatives.
Cultivated with the utmost care, our matcha offers a vibrant green hue and a smooth, rich flavour profile that balances natural sweetness with a subtle, earthy depth.

The Campaign:

Would love to gift 1 pack of our matcha powder.

In return, could we please get at least 1 story and 1 reel of using our matcha powder to create a recipe?

Thank you!

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