Influencer Tips: 5 Inspiring Ways to Create Engaging Video Content

November 30, 2023

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In the dynamic realm of social media, video content is, without a doubt, superior in the eyes of influencers. Whether you’re an experienced content creator or a brand hoping to take the digital world by storm, creating engaging video content is a non-negotiable. In this blog post, we will take you through the stages involved in producing videos that will leave a positive impression on your followers.

Influencer Tips: 5 Inspiring Ways to Create Engaging Video Content

1. Understand your target audience and know what you want to achieve as an influencer

Ask yourself what your goals are, how video content will enable you to achieve them, who your target audience is, what type of content they prefer and on what platform they prefer to consume it on. Truthfully answering these questions will enable you to curate invaluable and visually appealing video content that your audience will benefit from. An in-depth understanding of your personal goals and target audience will lay the foundation of a flourishing online presence. It will bolster your personal brand, boost the efficiency of your collaborations and contribute to a healthy influencer marketing ecosystem.

2. Choose a suitable format

A collection of diverse options include testimonials, user guides, reels, stories, tutorials and livestreams. In addition to format, you must choose a suitable style; a handful of potential options include inspirational, educational, humorous, motivational or emotional. Choosing a suitable format demands an in-depth analysis of your audience’s preferences, the platform dynamics, the nature of your message and other contextual factors. This will bolster how effective your social media brand campaigns are and contribute to the success of influencer marketing initiatives.

3. Be inclusive and optimise your video content for mobile and silent viewing

Try utilising square or vertical templates to suit a mobile device and include subtitles, captions or text overlays to make your message understandable in the absence of sound. Utilise aesthetic colours, animations and visuals to captivate your followers and maintain their interest. Prioritise accessibility and inclusivity and optimise your video content for both silent and mobile viewing if you want to grow your audience, improve the user experience and set yourself up for success online.

4. Keep it simple

Social media users have extremely limited attention spans and you have a high level of competition. Therefore, you must make sure that your video content is understandable and compact to effectively deliver your message in the right way. Steer clear of filler words and unnecessary jargon and try to stay on topic. Position a tantalising hook at the start of your video and a call to action at the end to foster interaction. Sticking to simplicity is vital when it comes to navigating the competitive landscape of social media and by keeping it simple, you will fulfil the preferences of your audience and elevate the efficiency of your social media partnerships.

5. Measure and improve your metrics

Track, analyse and improve how your video content performs by taking advantage of analytical tools. This will enable you to track the watch time, views, conversions, retention, engagement and reach of your videos. Experiment with different content styles and review how they perform. Analysing and boosting your metrics bolsters your brand collaborations, allows you to grow and promotes the longevity of your account in the dynamic realm of influencer marketing.

In summary, uploading engaging video content demands a mixture of creativity, authenticity and strategy. If you understand the needs of your followers, curate entertaining stories and optimise your content for the entire breadth of the digital landscape, you will find yourself having a impact on social media users near and far. It’s time to pick up your camera, press record and get creative!

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