Social Media Calendars: 5 Tips to Create A Valuable One

December 18, 2023

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In the fast-paced world of social media, staying organised using a social media calendar is key to executing successful brand campaigns and maintaining a consistent online presence. One indispensable tool for influencers and brands alike is the social media calendar. In this guide, we’ll take you through the steps to create an effective social media calendar that streamlines your content strategy, ensures a well-planned approach to your online presence and minimises overwhelm on your part.

Social Media Calendars: 5 Tips to Create A Valuable One

1. Audit your social channels and content

Pay attention to content that does and does not perform well. After your data analysis, determine which types of content are most popular with your audience. Take note of commonalities and themes and segment your calendar to create a diverse output of content. The one thing that is more important than your social media calendar is your social media content itself!

2. Set long and short-term goals

Everything you post should support a business goal. It’s helpful to think of your business goals and then develop social media marketing goals to support them. Keep these broad objectives in mind as you build your calendar. Every post should support at least one of these goals in some way. Make it a habit to check in with yourself and ask yourself whether a post that you have created supports at least one of your goals. If it doesn’t, then it may be worth reconsidering its value and whether it is worth uploading.

3. Decide on content posts and categories for each channel

It’s important to remember that every social media platform is unique. Each caters to different audiences, has different content formats and offers different ways to interact with content and users. Take into account the nuances of each channel when you plan your social media calendar and don’t miss any out; creating content across a variety of platforms is a sure-fire way to maximise your audience and their engagement.

4. Create your social media calendar using a template

It’s a good idea to create a blank template to help visualise what your monthly content output will look like. Templates also ensure consistency and make it easier to work with others. Choose options that allow for collaboration, sharing and the inclusion of details like the timing of posts and labels for content categories. In addition, this will save you a considerable amount of valuable time in the long run.

5. Fill in your calendar with content ideas and schedule your posts across your platforms

It’s helpful to think of your posts in two ways: timely and evergreen. Timely posts are about events, holidays and temporary occurrences and evergreen posts are relevant year-round. You can then create and upload your content. Scheduling ahead of time is the most efficient way of doing this. Utilising scheduling tools will ensure that you stay relevant in your followers’ feeds and maintain a reliable reputation. In addition, it will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by a never-ending list of content that needs creating.

In conclusion, a well-crafted social media calendar is the backbone of a successful online presence. By setting clear goals, understanding your audience and maintaining a strategic approach to content planning, you’ll be well-positioned to elevate your brand or influencer persona in the dynamic world of social media. Start planning, stay organised and watch your social media strategy thrive

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